Open Letter


*Please note that your name will not automatically appear on this list. Signatures are updated every 24-48 hours.*

Bruno Cornellier, Assistant professor, English

Angela Failler, Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

Jenny Heijun Wills, Associate Professor, English

Krista Johnston, Contract Academic Staff, Women’s and Gender Studies

Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Jan DeFehr, Assistant Professor, Education

Randy Webber, Instructor, Environmental Studies and Sciences

Jason Hannan, Assistant professor, Rhetoric

Mary Jane McCallum, Associate Professor, History

Judith Harris, Associate Professor, Urban and Inner-City Studies

Leah Gazan, Instructor, Education

Andrew D. Park, Associate Professor, Biology

Arthur Walker-Jones, United Church of Canada Research Chair in Contemporary Theology, Professor, Religion and Culture

Marty Donkervoort, Instructor, Business and Administration

Candida Rifkind, Associate Professor, English

Heather Snell, Associate Professor, English

Kevin Walby, Associate Professor, Chancellor’s Research Chair, Department of Criminal Justice

Heather Milne, Associate Professor, Department of English

Peter Ives, Professor, Political Science

Michael Dudley, Librarian III, Library

Jessica Jacobson-Konefall, Instructor, English

Roland Bohr, Associate Professor, History

Chantal Fiola, Assistant Professor, Urban & Inner-City Studies

Kathleen Venema, Associate Professor, English

Delia Gavrus, Assistant Professor, History

Anne-Laurence Caudano, Associate Professor, History

Michelle Owen, Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Coordinator, Disability Studies

Sharon Wall, Associate Professor, History

Lee Anne Block, Associate Professor, Education

Craig Willis, Professor, Biology

Pauline Greenhill, Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

Roewan Crowe, Chair, Assistant Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies

Jim Silver, Professor, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies

Lorena Sekwan Fontaine, Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies

Derek Eidse, Instructor, UW Collegiate

Matthew Flisfeder, Assistant Professor, Department of Rhetoric, Writing , and Communications

Allison Surtees, Assistant Professor, Classics

Paul DePasquale, Associate Professor, English

Ray Silvius, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Max Cawker, Contract Academic Staff, Faculty of Education

Emma Alexander, Associate Professor, History Department

Jessica Rodgers, MSC candidate, Biological Sciences

Matthew Turnbull, Research Associate, Biology

Martine Balcaen, Instructor, Biology

Jobb Arnold, Assistant Professor, Conflict Resolution Studies

Andrew Burke, Associate Professor, Department of English

Peter Melville, Associate Professor, English

Brahim Ould Baba, Instructor, Education

Kimberley Ducey, Associate Professor, Sociology

Kenneth Fish, Associate Professor, Sociology

Timothy K Cowan, Instructor VII, University of Winnipeg Collegiate

Osaed Khan, Faculty Instructor, University of Winnipeg Collegiate